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Hello and welcome,

I am Tonka Raycheva, a certified Visual Designer and an experienced UX/UI Designer and Illustrator.  I lived for almost 10 years in the most inspiring city of all times - Florence, Italy and have recently moved to another incredible city - Oxford, UK.

My BA in Engineering design set the foundations of my rigorous analytical thinking. Followed by my MA in Graphic Design when I deepened my skills and discovered the importance of building a style. All this together with my experience in the following years help me to express my innovating visions and ideas in the most appealing way. I devote myself to what I do. I think the best results come from those who love their profession.

I truly believe that 'work' should give you wings not chains.

I adore my profession and I treat it with passion. I love exploring and I like to experiment with colors, shapes, materials, techniques; in other words - everything that assists me in achieving tempting visuals.

I admire nature, animals and cultures. The world is an astonishing place and I try to find inspiration in everything.


Visual Design, UX/UI, Illustration, Marketing


Typography, Photography, Fine Arts, Languages

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Here is a quick view over my resume

1_Tonka Raycheva Resume 2020.jpg
2_Tonka Raycheva Resume 2020.jpg
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