In 2016, Acer Computers launched a campaign called Keep Asking. The purpose was to raise curiosity in different aspects of life.The poster was created for Acer Bulgaria and was published in the first issue of the magazine supporting the campaign. The work of 20 other illustrators and photographers was also featured in the magazine.

Country: Bulgaria

The message behind this specific poster -
"Finding who you are can be one of the most difficult tasks in life. Never stop asking questions, their answers will help you find your true self. Once you find it don't be afraid and just reveal it to the world. At the end everybody has their own glasses that sees the world through." T. Raycheva

The illustration used was created by hand using different materials and techniques in order to show that manual touch that gives life to everything. Later the cut outs were  arranged into a composition. Next step was a photo shoot followed by photo manipulation.